Are you waking up every day focused on finding an even better way to bring the information, knowledge, gifts and talents that are inside of you out into the world? Do you have a product or service that you KNOW will transform the lives of people and provide them with happier, healthier, more prosperous businesses, communities and lives? Are you still waiting to fully step into this vision you have for your purpose-driven life, still hiding in the comfort, safety and security of your current career? Or have you taken the leap into the uniquely exciting, challenging, stressful and overwhelming pressures of truly living your mission and an authentic life?

Despite your commitment to your work and your vision, do you experience some days, weeks or even months where you’re working 10, 12, 14 hour days and asking yourself, “Where are the results? Why aren’t things moving faster and am I really focused on doing the right things?”

Or maybe you’ve hit a plateau, where you’ve built a solid foundation of a business beneath you but it’s taken 120% of your time, energy and resources while you’ve sacrificed some of the most important things, and people, in your life. Perhaps you’re staring at this massive vision you have for the NEXT level and wondering “How am I going to get there when it’s taken everything in me to just get here?”


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